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People Strategy Development

People Strategy Consulting

You compete in the capital market for funding, the products and services market for customers, and the labour market for people. You may have strategies for the first two, but do you have a unique and compelling strategy for your workforce? A great people strategy is anchored in the talent and organizational issues vital to your business strategy, reflects your desired employee experience, and defines your investment portfolio and plan for winning the talent race. If people are your No.1 asset, isn’t it time to give them their own strategy?

Organisational Performance Consulting

You may have a fast boat, but if your people aren’t all rowing in the same direction, if your culture is creating drag, or if you’ve got organizational hazards in the water, you’re not likely to win the race. It’s as simple as that. In business it’s about getting everyone — from your leaders down to your shop floor — aligned to your strategy and goals. It’s about building a culture in which your team thrives, one with the organizational clarity that makes it easy to get work done. Strategy, culture, structure, people, and work; get those right, and the race is all yours.

Talent management consulting

Nearly everything about how we work has changed – including where, when, and with whom. So, ask yourself: have your talent processes kept pace? Is your performance management really driving performance? Are you offering great tools that inspire employees to take ownership of their careers? Do you have visibility into your people’s capabilities today and your needs for tomorrow? Are your human resources and Talent Management teams operating at their full potential? If not, our unique tools and know-how will help propel your talent practices to the forefront of the new world of work.

Change Management Consulting

Organisations are always in flux. New technologies, new processes, shifting models, new ways of working — the list goes on. We can’t help that, but we can help make sure your people excel in the midst of all that change. If you want that new implementation to exceed your highest performance expectations, and you want your people engaged and ready for those changes, then you need change management.

Looking for HR Coaching?

HR Interns to HR Leadership Mentoring & Coaching

Skills Development

The right people, right time, and the right place it’s on old trick for winning battles and wars. The same is true for wars of talent. For your organisation to realise organisational effectiveness and good profit, you need right skills, capabilities, and attitudes. You can’t do this without training and development of your human capital.

Employee Wellness

Most organisations employee senior and seasoned engineers to champion their maintenance and machinery repairs. This helps to speed up production delays during machinery breakdown or prevent those breakdowns by recurring scheduled maintenance. What about your greatest assets, people? Are they also taken care of?

HR Solutions

Every company, no matter their size, deserves human resources expertise. Whether on an interim basis, project work or a few hours a week on site or off, we can help you limit your risk and find a solution that works for your business.

Is your CEO, CFO, Office Manager, or other designee handling human resources in addition to their other duties?

Let our experts help you lessen your workload.

Are you unsure what local, provincial, and national employment laws apply to your size company?

Let our experts help you stay in compliance and avoid unnecessary risk.

Do you have a handbook that has not been updated or developed specifically for your company?

We provide solutions that work for your business.

Are you concerned that your employees may not be classified correctly?

We know what is required under the law and will work with you to ensure you are complying.

HR Nuts & Bolts:

Employee Handbooks, HR Policy Review and Development, In-depth HR Audit.

Total Rewards:

Compensation/Benefits/Work Environment: analysis of current programs, plan design and implementation, develop employee communications.

Workforce Planning & Employment Compliance:

job analysis, job descriptions, restructuring/downsizing, terminations..

Employee Relations & Development:

investigations/complaints, performance management, EE/DOL/SDL/SDA/BBBEE.

THE HR NEPHEW has the expertise to help you address your human resources challenges so you can focus on running your business. Our solutions are customized to your company.



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